Al-Karam the most popular and top quality women style brand has revealed its unique winter year collection 2013. This collection is based on outfits that are exclusively designed according to the styles and shades of winter year time.

Al-Karam Winter Collection 2013 is a variety of outfits that are unstitched. This collection is magnificently padded with sensitive elements made up of best discussions in the market. Al-Karam has an advantage over all other manufacturers as their outfits stuff is known to be very fine in high quality when compared with other well known manufacturers.

 Al-Karam has released it’s winter year collection lately with the named “Al-Karam Winter Shades Collection 2013 Volume 01. This year Al-Karam has presented a number of new materials with vivid and chicly styles for fall-winter cold year. Al-Karam has out 8 unique selections will change your way of life and makes you stunning with it’s awesome shades, reduces, and styles. There are lots of unique simple and fashionable cleavage lines like prohibited throat, v-neck, receiver neck and circular neck styles. This selection is comprises A-Line tops, Lengthy Shirts, Dress with fantastic flower and subjective styles, printed and padded work specifically done on all over clothing while dupatta and fleshlight sleeves in different and unique publishing.


The cost variety of these outfits is affordable which is started from Rs. 915 to 3295 PKR. As everyone know that Al-Karam is one of the greatest fabric brand of Pakistan which is working in style field since 1986. We hope that you will like these all refreshing launch of Al-Karam. No doubt that Al-Karam has always enhanced its outfits style, styles of styles according to the running style pattern and there enhancement will seen in this selection.

Al-Karam winter year Collection  2013 can also be bought online and is available throughout Pakistan at all of Al-Karam’s suppliers