This year as well Aamir Liaquat’s exclusive Ramzan transmission was no less than a comedy show and he continued with his disgraceful and immoral activities. Some thoroughly enjoyed these acts and these were probably those people who went to his see just to get a free Q Mobile. Simply ridiculous! Majority of the people hate him for such acts.

Throughout the month of Ramzan Aamir Liaquat was scandalized with one event or the other. What took him on fire this year was disgracing a person when he was forced to eat a mango in the most disrespectful and disgusting way. This act was met with a lot of opposition and many people condemned such activities of his. However, as a rebuttal he again insulted the people by saying AAM KHAYE GA AAM etc. which reflected the most immature side of Aamir Liaquat.

Like being a religious scholar and an intellectual personality such things does not suit him. He criticized the people living in posh areas like Defence. But I must tell you we Pakistanis are the most talented people in the world. We know how to get the best out of anything. So recently, this mimicry of Aamir Liaquat was turned into a complete song which is featuring Aamir Liaquat himself. Seriously kudos to the man who did this as this effort is simply amazing.

So I am sharing it with you all. See this link and share your comments with us!