Color is fun, color is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, and the window of the soul.

– Rachel Wolf
Colors have always been a source to reflect your personality, to make a unique personal statement of yours. This year celebrate winters by adding some fun colors to your wardrobe. These colors are going to be your favorites in your wardrobe as they are going to give you a starry look in warm furry clothes.

Following is a briefing of all the winter colors of year 2013:


A perfect color which gives a sense of warmth and is one of the hottest colors of this season. Wear a long coat dipped with the magic of this color or a jacket or an accessory to go out this winter.


Dull gold has always been a sign of elegance and royalty. This color has been seen a lot in runways. Follow the trend by carrying  a shiny gold accessory or wear good gold colored outfit specially to give a formal trendy touch while going out on parties.


This whole year was being dominated by neon colors and fun colors like orange yellow green. Orange is again here. This bold color, both in dull tone or in burnt orange tone will look amazing for winters when mixed with a good contrast.
orange dress with bow


A soft, yet dark and simple color to give a decent touch to your dressing is teal. Or you can mix teal with a bright color to add more class.


Rose color in this season can replace white this season. It has the same light, deep and pure touch which white color adds. Wear rose with some darker shades or a smart jeans pair.

Play with all the mentioned colors and make your wardrobe all set for this winter season. Make your winters all packed with trendy looks and fashionable dress-ups.