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Samsung launches Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Pakistan

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Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge yesterday in Pakistan. The launch party was hosted in Royal Palm, Lahore. Details of the event and the ceremonial launch are as follows:

Health Benefits of Fig

Figs are a nutrient-rich fruit that can be yellow-green, copper or purple in color. You can use it to make jam and you can add them to ice cream. You can also peel them and eat them out of hand. Fruit on fig tree grows twice a year. Fresh figs are more beneficial than dried ones. A total content of 80% water and 17% sugar is found in figs. It is used both as a fruit and a medicine.

Latest Bridal Dress 2015

Wearing a perfect wedding dress is a dream of every girl so that she can cherish this event throughout her life. As this is a big day so you should do every possible step to make it a special one.

Home Remedies for Instant Glow

Having a glowing skin is the wish of every person. When you are born your skin is fresh and glowing, and it’s up to you how you take care of it. But the biggest problem which is faced today is pollution which has made it very difficult to keep our skin healthy and fresh. There are many fairness creams and lotions in the market which claim to make your skin fresh and glowing but these are full of chemicals which can harm the skin. These products work for sometime. There are some simple and easy home remedies to make the skin fresh and glowing. So, let’s look at some of the Home Remedies for Instant Glow in this article.

Home Remedies For Strong Nails

Some people care for their nails, while others don’t care much. But when the nails become weak, they should be cared about. Here are some of the home remedies for strong nails with better nutrition.

Top Hijab Styles 2015

Stylish hijab styles 2015 can increase the beauty of women. This trend is very common now a days. These styles are important for Muslim girls. Muslim ladies wear these in order to cover their bodies. This trend is followed by Muslim ladies all around the world. Hijab is related to Arabian trend and culture. Modern girls adopt this trend just for fashion. Different styles are available in different stores.

Umer Akmal – An Enthusiatic Pakistani Player.

Umer Akmal is a striker player and he is playing in Pakistan  Cricket Team since, 2009. He played his first match at the age of 19. He usually played at fifth and sixth position. He has a talent to enhance the performance up-to a good level, to make mark on the history of cricket. He started his test career against the New Zealand.

Leaders are by birth or developed!

Leaders are by birth or they are developed is a question on which many discussions have been made. The answer to this is that they both exist. Some leaders are born and some are made. From this we can say that leadership depends on the situation.

Salman Khan’s Sister Wedding

Salman Khan youngest sister Arpita’s got married with a businessman Aayush Sharma on 18 November 2014. This occasion meant a lot to Salman Khan. Salman love his family a lot.

chocolate mousse

Quick and easy recipes of desserts

It is a general observation that people serve sweet dishes or deserts in the end of the meal. Desserts are always popular and are liked by people of every age. Some are the traditional desserts which are usually served on every occasion. Most women think that it is very difficult to make these desserts at home. But making sweets is fun and everyone enjoy eating them which means you will be praised. So today I will tell you about some Quick and easy recipes of desserts.

dramatic makeup

Eye Makeup Trends Fall 2014

Like any other fashion, makeup trends also keeps changing with time. Ladies and especially  young  girls always look for best styles of eye makeup because eyes are the most attractive and delicate part of your body.

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

Microsoft Windows 10 unveiled

The new version of Windows was expected to be unveiled by Microsoft. But wait; what’s this, they launched Windows 10. Where’s the Windows 9 then? Well there is no Windows 9. This latest version is a threshold, so it was a time for new blast, new windows with more surprising features so that it empowers people doing vulnerable things with it.

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